Entry Rules

All Entrants

  • Athletes may enter as an individual or as a part of one relay team.

  • All athletes must be an annual USAT member or purchase a one-day USAT membership.

  • Applications will be accepted on-line via www.active.com or via US mailed, completed race application with USAT membership number or one-day purchase of USAT membership included, signed waiver, and a check or money order for the total entry fee.

  • Incomplete entries will not be fully processed until all required materials are received.

  • There will be a $10.00 additional charge for any/all changes requested on race day.

  • Entry fees are not refundable.

  • Entries are not transferrable.

Individual Entrants

  • Individuals may compete in one individual category only.

  • Individuals may not also compete as part of a relay team.

Relay Team Entrants

  • Triathlon relay teams may consist of 2 or 3 persons.

  • Relay team entrants may compete in only one team category and only as part of one team.

  • To insure accurate data entry, all USPS mailed relay team entries should include all team members’ completed and signed race applications in the same envelope.

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